Communication with Assignor

If you need to cancel an assigned game or have further questions, please email me at or call me at 402.679.1699.  

If a game has been cancelled or changed in advance I will contact you via email and/or phone to try to notify you of any changes. However, please check the home page of this Sarpy County Soccer League website for game status before heading out to a game on a day where weather could be an issue. I work during the day and there could be instances where I can't get to you with late changes in game status.

Please use all the links below to prepare for and follow up on your assigned games.

Rules & Procedures

Here are the rules and procedures specific to this league at each age level. Please read them carefully.

Printable Game Card

The teams will not hand you a game card, you will need to provide your own. If you do not have any of your own, here is a link to one you can print. You will use your notes from this card to report the results of the game on-line. Although I will not collect these cards, you should keep all your game cards for the entire season in case questions arise and you need to refer back to them.

Game Report

Here is where you need to report the results of the games from your game cards so be sure to fill out your game cards with everything required in the report. This report goes directly to the Sarpy County Soccer League and this is how they will know you worked and should be paid. If you do not fill this out, you will not be paid.

The Sarpy County Soccer League will mail a check to the address given in your game reports. They mail them out at roughly 2 week intervals. To inquire about SCSL pay, please contact Mike Dappen at